Christmas shopping: discover how to do them without falling into debt


Every Christmas Eve, and with the current economic situation, Spanish families face a challenge for their economies: to acquire all Christmas gifts without significantly affecting their personal economy.

This year, according to the Good Finance study, the average expenditure for the Christmas campaign will be around 524 euros. According to this study, one in five Spaniards (18%) will increase their budget, while 71% recognize that they will spend an amount similar to last year and only 10% have said they will reduce it.

On the other hand, the company expects that this year the Christmas purchases will be more digital than ever, since 17% plan to buy all their gifts online and more than half (52%) will combine websites and stores physical

Regardless of the budget you are going to allocate to your Christmas shopping, at Ante Nelly we have compiled a series of tips for you to start 2015 weathering the January slope ?

What they call budget


The first step is to prepare a budget . If you have been a forecaster and can afford this peak in your economy, congratulations! You have much of the work done: adjust to the amount marked to avoid scares. The most comfortable is to use Ante Nelly, which alerts you with alerts as soon as you spend your budget, you have a low balance or even if you have been charged the same receipt several times.

If this is not your case, the first thing you have to do is know how much money you have. For this you have to take into account your monthly recurring expenses and, after subtracting what you have, you will know exactly how much money you have for your purchases. Once again we recommend using Ante Nelly to save time. With the app you can see with a single pair of taps what is the budget you can allocate to your Christmas purchases. It’s that easy!

Step your purchases

Step your purchases

Numerous studies show that we Spaniards tend to delay our Christmas purchases until the last moment, although that trend is changing. Although many merchants usually place specific offers for these dates, there are other types of products, such as food, which are expensive and it is better to buy them in advance. Buying each product at the right time can mean significant savings.


The price differences between the different establishments are notable. Buying in those where the price-quality ratio is the most favorable is the key. Internet is the best ally for obtaining information on products, stores or services.

Be careful with credits and cards. The OCU warns of the high costs of financing purchases, especially when they are financed through fast cards or credits. If necessary, it is necessary to compare the APR, so as not to make Christmas purchases more expensive due to financing and to avoid over-indebtedness.

Visit online stores

Before we commented that more and more we are encouraged to buy online. Therefore, before going out to the street to buy it is interesting to navigate the main e-commerce platforms on the network. There are many online sales sites or online outlets that offer products with up to 70% off the original price, which represents a considerable saving.

Beware of credits and cards

Beware of credits and cards

It may be that find that do not get to achieve this “ideal” shopping budget previously mentioned, and you see the need to use credit card or your funding. Although you have to be very careful, there are ways to avoid excessive indebtedness :

1. For what type of purchases is this formula more appropriate? The ideal is to finance amounts not too high , in terms ranging from 6 to 12 months . Also, if we can pay the fees in advance , the better.

2. The first data that we will need to find out in order to plan ourselves is the periodicity and the minimum amount that our entity has set to charge us card payments. In many cases, we can modify both parameters to accommodate our possibilities.

3. The objective is that our account never enters red numbers, and the deferral of payments can be an ally… Although we have to be careful, especially with the interests , another data that we need to know. Depending on the entity and the modality of the card they can reach an amount of 25 or 30%.

Remember: it is about taking advantage of the flexibility that this type of financing allows, but never falling into the temptation to ‘get tangled up’ beyond our possibilities in ‘ deferred purchases ‘. As always, common sense will be the best ally; This Christmas too.

Don’t forget to keep track of each of your expenses with Ante Nelly. The tool will help you keep up to date everything that happens these holidays with your accounts and cards, from all your banks, and if there is ever a ‘strange’ movement our alerts will jump: any deviation from budget, duplicate receipt, discovered , commissions, …. They will be detected.

So we avoid unpleasant surprises, so you only have to worry about the important thing: make this Christmas better than the previous one for you, yours and your finances. Happy holidays !

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