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For a while now, applications invade us and offer us all kinds of help. In fact, we can find a great sample of app in the market, because they do not cease to devise and leave new applications ready to cover any need however crazy it may seem.

However, from our loan comparator, we want to pay special attention to those of a financial nature, since they help us keep spending at bay and control all incoming and outgoing money.

The most popular is Lender App, thanks to its powerful television advertising campaign, but there are many more that ensure that our expenses are as restrained as possible and that, of course, we are aware of all superfluous commissions, as well as avoidable expenses.

Therefore, we intend to make a list of all of them, starting with Lender App, because we consider them very useful and a true revelation in savings matters. In fact, the user really acquires the sensation, finally, of being the true master and lord of his money and expenses.

Lender App, a Spanish app awarded by ABC

Lend money

This application is of Spanish creation and a whole top in ABC Play downloads.

How does your magic work? Then introducing accounts of several banks, where we indicate which we want to follow and which are not. It allows us to unravel through its monthly balances where we have spent too much to set realistic goals and see, therefore, if it is possible to grant ourselves that whim we have in mind.

It also keeps us up to date on commission charges, overdrafts, etc.

The application, of course, is extremely secure thanks to 256-bit encryption, so we should not fear for the security of our data, as they are safe.

Lender App also does not sell data to third parties, so how does this free application box? It is obvious that they do not work in the field of altruism and that their way of making the app’s performance is with the personalized advertising that we see in the ads. The truth is that it is worth this give and take of ads, if with them we get an application that helps us with our duties as savers.

Lender Value, another Spanish app that gives us a hand

Lender Value complements its services with another free application of its harvest called Tusgastos, which accounts for cash expenses and adds them to the banks managed by Lender Value. Therefore, it does not allow any money to be dismissed and to lead the way of saving.

Again, security enters the equation, since it incorporates the same standards used by banks. In this line, and as with his fellow countryman Lender App, user data is anonymous since no ID or name is required. In addition, the entire system is verified by Verisign and Confianza Online.

Spendless, another ally to fight spending

credit score

We stumble upon another app ready to help us fight against the expense. To do this, it lends us its free application, although this time we found a paid version, called Spendless Evolution, for 2.99 euros per month. In the latter, we develop a personalized spending plan that if we follow it closely and do not deviate even an inch from its ‘advice path’ will lead us to a paradise of 2,000 euros of savings.

It seems that never before 2.99 euros were so well invested, because the money that the monthly return, but with many friends (1,997 more).

Again, security comes standard, as it incorporates the same levels as the main banks. In this line, user data is protected by several security layers such as the Norton Secured security seal that guarantees that the website is highly reliable and secure, in addition to the audit carried out by the company S21sec, security specialist of banking platforms

Money Save, payment efficiency

Money Save

This application does not have a free version. Therefore, if we want to have it in our lives, we will have to compromise with the 5.99 euros that they ask for for download.

However, it is worth the disbursement since it is a watchdog of our money. It offers an infinite number of reports to keep abreast of expenses and income and informs us of the payment dates of all receipts, among many other functions. In sum, we are faced with the most complete of its kind. And, of course, very safe like the rest of its competitors.

The truth is that before this arsenal of tools for the management of our finances we have no excuse to be a manirrotos or not achieve certain savings levels if we attend to all the tips and information that these app provide us.

In fact, technology has never given us so much help before knowing how and how our income goes. Therefore, we should not miss these ‘rescue tables’ and learn to hold on to them. To top it off, most are free and we don’t have to scratch our pockets to discover its benefits.


However, it is unquestionable that on many occasions, even by resorting to these tools, we manage to put order in our account and we need to spend capital that we lack in an urgent need of postponement. In those cases, we can opt for an urgent loan like the ones we analyze in our loan comparator .

In this sense, we have a wide variety of companies that work in this field and on many occasions we offer online loans with interesting offers. So that they do not escape, we recommend you subscribe to our newslette r to be informed of all of them.

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