CHICAGO-WEST, Illinois., December 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Titan International, Inc. (NYSE: TWI) (“Titan” or “TWI”) today issued the following statement.

Morry Taylor, Chairman of the Board, commented, “A few days ago I posted about TWI, the market and our stocks. Since then, several sources have reported that Yokohama offered to purchase Trelleborg’s off-road wheel business to $ 2 billion. I think Trelleborg’s wheel business for 2021 will be somewhere around $ 1.4 billion in sales. Yokohama may face challenges with antitrust laws due to the amount of business they operate in India ships in Europe. Looking at TWI within our agricultural business, we are the market leader for steel wheels in all major markets. Within the agricultural tires business, the combined share of Titan and Goodyear is number one in South America, North America and Russia. In Europe, we have a long-term plan to be a major player there as well. One thing that many people forget is this: in the last few years the majority of new Ag wheel and tire designs have come from Titan. I think that fifteen years from now, the best-selling agricultural tire will be that of Titan. LSW® tire / wheel combination.

“In 2022, Titan anticipates global sales of more than $ 2 billion based on our annual plan approved by Titan’s board of directors. Think about it, Yokohama offers to buy a business for $ 2 billion with 2021 sales well below those of Titan. Considering the Yokohama/ Trelleborg’s offer is a $ 2 billion award for a company that could be number one in Europe, but nowhere else. The world’s largest agricultural markets are in the United States and Brazil and Titan is the leader in these markets. Additionally, TWI has the manufacturing capacity to expand without building additional facilities. If you apply the same math to the $ 2 billion bid price for Trelleborg, and reduce it to our net debt, which would suggest a Titan share price above $ 24.

“It took 30 years for politicians and some of the leaders of America’s biggest companies to realize that chasing low-wage countries for manufacturing is going to explode. In addition, the situation with China has become a big problem in a number of areas. Now, customers need supply chains for wheels and tires that can support their factories in the countries where they produce or sell their product. I’ve heard that some customers want at least half of their wheels and tires produced in the United States. There is no other domestic producer that has this kind of capability beyond Titan.

“I expect there will be more positive updates regarding TWI after the first one of the year. From myself and all of us at Titan, we hope everyone has a very happy. Christmas and a Happy New Year Sorry if I offend anyone, but I’m too old to be awake Hi!

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