If you are behind on your credit card bills and have no hope of paying them yourself, now is the time to face it: you need help avoiding bankruptcy and the world of financial hardship. . You may be a good candidate for debt relief, which allows you to “settle” your obligations by paying only a portion of what you owe, once and for all. But you need a good business to help you get there. Accredited Debt Relief can be such an endeavor, but let’s look further.

Here, we’ll check out an accredited debt relief review – and more.

What type of strategy is debt relief?

As we say, this is when you hire a company like Accredited Debt Relief to finally go to your creditors to see if they would be willing to allow you to make a one-time payment in full less than what you owe to settle your debt. debt. Yes, you read that right. The point is, creditors usually agree because they’d rather get something than nothing, which is probably what they would get if you produced. bankruptcy – your probable Plan B.

How Does Debt Relief Work?

After a free initial consultation, you and Accredited will establish a payment plan. Then you will set up a savings type account into which you will make monthly payments. How much you save depends on your income and how much debt you have. When you reach the goal, certified negotiators will begin negotiations with each of your creditors on your behalf, using your account as a selling point. Once each debt is settled and approved by you, payment will come from your account.

For more information on how the company handles the debt relief process, check out this Review of Accredited Debt Relief.

Does this hurt my credit?

Because the debt relief process requires you to pay your creditors indirectly, and over a long period of time, your scores will drop temporarily. Once you finish your program and your debts are paid off, and you start rebuilding your credit, your scores will certainly improve. And not to be a drag, but aren’t your scores already depressed?

How long will the process take?

With Accredited, from 12 to 48 months, although your first payment may take place in a few months. The business can cut the amount of debt you owe by up to half.

What type of debt is accepted for relief?

Most types of unsecured debt, that is, obligations that are not tied to collateral. In addition to credit cards, debts typically paid include medical bills and personal loans. For Accredited, you will need at least $ 10,000 of overdue bonds.

What are others saying about accreditation?

As of 2011, San Diego-based Accredited has over $ 3.5 billion in debt on its program and has more than 140,000 active clients.

The SFGate publication classified the company as one of the best debt settlement companies of this year. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) asserts this by assigning the company an A + rating.

And here are some testimonials from verified customers:

  • From 1/12/21: “The process was quick and my rep was great to work with. He made sure my husband and I understood the process.
  • From 12/08/20: “My representatives were extremely nice and helpful. My needs were met with just one phone call. I would highly recommend the services of Accredited Debt Relief to anyone who needs help with debt settlement.

Now that you’ve seen some accredited debt relief reviews, you know that the business is legitimate, established and has a good reputation. Debt relief is a proven strategy that has helped dozens of people like you get back on their feet. Take a close look at your situation to see if this approach would work for you. If so, Accredited can help.