*** Dressed as Marilyn Monroes, drag queens disrupted the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, demanding urgent funds for Latin American and Caribbean countries to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises ** *

LOS ANGELES, June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — During Pride Month, a group of drag queens greeted the arrival of several of the most prominent heads of state at the Summit of the Americas, calling on state presidents United in Canada in Argentina to become environmental leaders the world could be proud of. The queens paid particular attention to President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose countries are behind in providing financial assistance to other countries in the hemisphere to combat the climate crisis, degradation land and biodiversity loss.

Los Angeles drag queens Aurora Sexton, Mischa Kinx, Marilyn, Vivienne Vida, Pixie Dot and Hope showed up at the Summit of the Americas dressed as Marilyn Monroe alongside Kalista Stage dressed as Evita. The event, organized by the global rights group Avaaz, which has 70 million members, aimed to draw attention to the extreme impacts of the ecological crisis across the Americas, including tragic waves of migration, food insecurity increased and a growing financial crisis.

Los Angeles-based drag queen Mischa Kinx said: We literally lip sync for our lives! The earth, the one and only mother, is all we have. If world leaders aren’t listening today, we’ll just find higher heels so they can’t ignore us tomorrow. It’s time to take action against climate change and show us that you know what pride means!

Avaaz Campaign Director Oscar Soria said: “This Summit of the Americas cannot be another summit of fine words and empty promises. President Biden, the host of the summit, must deliver an ambitious package of regional cooperation, including debt relief, so that countries in Latin America and the Caribbean can use these resources to protect the environment and their people. If it does not, the United States will face a climate crisis and a migrant crisis that it does not are unfortunately not prepared to handle.

Twelve years after the Obama-Biden administration’s $100 billion pledge to support low-income countries bearing disproportionate impacts from the climate crisis, the United States is still short of *tens of billions* to deliver on its pledge. . This week’s summit is another opportunity for Biden to restore America’s image in the Americas, pledging $32 billion to $49 billion a year in climate finance.

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Notes to Editor:

The drag queens each sang a parody version of “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to the life-size cutouts of the heads of state of the United States (Joe Biden), Canada (Justin Trudeau), Argentina (Alberto Fernandez), Brazil (Jair Bolsonaro) and Ecuador (Guillermo Lasso).

Here is the message for each head of state:

United States: Speaking to US President Joe Biden, Marilyn Monroe reminded President Biden that he must pay the promised money to fight climate change and ensure ambition is achieved at the summit by “saving nature before so that it does not disappear”.

Canada: Marilyn serenading Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also pressured him to pay the money pledged to stop climate change, and further called on him to end his government’s investments in fossil fuels .

Argentina: President Fernández was urged “not to kneel before the IMF” and to work for an unholy debt solution. The Argentine leader was also greeted by his country’s most iconic idol, drag queen Evita Peron, who asked him to call on rich countries to pay their ecological debt to developing countries. Argentina holds large amounts of sovereign debt, while its territory includes important ecosystems that help regulate the world’s climate.

Ecuador: President Lasso has been urged to stop annihilating the Amazon by drilling for oil, primarily to supply demand from California.

Brazil: Brazilian Bolsonaro faced a furious Marilyn over the destruction of the Amazon and his disregard for the rights of indigenous peoples.