Direct loan investments announced that it will invest $ 250 million over the next three years in The expansion of direct loans from Biz2Credit platform for small business owners. This decision follows on from Direct Lending Investments to capitalize on the growing market of alternative lending and investment platforms. The Biz2Credit network consists of 1.6 million users and over 1,300 lenders. The company has made more than $ 1.2 billion in loans to small businesses.

Direct Lending Investments said it was the biggest buyer of peer-to-peer business loans than any other institutional investor. Founded in 2007, Direct Lending Investments offers short term, high yielding small business loans in the form of funds for accredited investors.

In September, Direct Lending Investments pledged to invest $ 73 million through real estate crowdfunding platform Realty Mogul. In February 2o14, Direct Lending Investments announced a partnership with the DealStruck peer-to-peer lender. The founder and chairman of Direct Lending Investments, Brendan Ross, said at the time;Brendan Ross

“As small businesses continue to recover and seek capital to fund expansion and other short-term spending, I expect the volume of investable borrowers to increase in the coming months through platforms like Dealstruck. “

The new capital commitment would guarantee financial products and loans of different durations. Ross was quoted on the ad;

“Teaming up with Biz2Credit underscores our commitment to helping entrepreneurs succeed by giving them quick access to the funds they need to start, grow and run their businesses,” said Ross. “The Biz2Credit platform is a market leader in underwriting speed and risk mitigation and has proven to be an effective platform for our investors. “

Biz2Credit access anywhereDirect Lending Investments is described as a market lending and investment firm that provides short term, high yielding small business loans in the form of funds to accredited investors seeking income and growth. that are not correlated with the risk of stock market inflation.

“Over the past 15 years, banks have all but abandoned small and medium-sized businesses across the country that needed financing. Even when these loans are from banks, the funding can take months to arrive, but business owners often need more immediate solutions, ”added Ross, who said he ordered the purchase of more loans. small American P2P companies than any other institutional investor. “We are thrilled to partner with the small business lending experts at Biz2Credit, a company that has made it easier and faster for entrepreneurs to get the financing they need to start and grow their business.”

Ramit Arora, President of Biz2Credit praised the partnership;ramit-arora

“Direct Lending has already invested millions of dollars on our platform. Our two companies have great synergy and I am delighted to extend our partnership, ”said Arora. “Often, small business owners cannot afford to wait for an injection of capital. Our credit marketplace offers faster options than traditional bank loans to entrepreneurs who need quick cash to close a deal. It is a win-win situation for borrowers and lenders.

Direct Lending Investments has joined the growing ecosystem of alternative lenders who have filled a void largely left vacant by traditional banks. Taking advantage of technological advances and lean operating tactics, direct lending platforms, including peer to peer platforms, have operated a wealthy business that benefits both borrowers and investors with greater efficiency and returns. higher for investors.