Coronavirus variants and vaccinations, active cases of coronavirus in India today

New cases of coronavirus in India, active cases of coronavirus in India today: The second wave of the coronavirus is receding every day in India. At 26,041, the week started on a relieved note today. While daily cases remain below 30,000 for the second day in a row on Monday, week-to-week analysis shows India recorded two new lakh infections in the space of seven days. This is the lowest level of workload the country has experienced in the past two quarters.

Active cases also saw a further drop below the 3 lakh mark. The health report shows that the number of active cases in India currently stands at 2 99,620. This is the lowest level in the past 191 days, according to government data. There have been 276 deaths from Covid in the past 24 hours.

However, it can be pointed out that the number of Covid tests carried out across India is less than 12 lakh-mark. Although transmission of the virus may have ebbed, the true picture will only appear when we have a lower number of cases despite high testing.

Uttar Pradesh is planning Saturdays as days assigned specifically for the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Maharashtra is also launching special campaigns focused on groups such as working women etc. Across India, states are developing new plans to ensure as many people as possible are vaccinated under the national program.

In the national capital, there are reports of the organization of task forces to combat overcrowding during the holiday season in Delhi’s bazaars. While strict closures remain the very last resort, local authorities are offering better solutions to tackle Covid and keep the economy running.

India’s December deadline to vaccinate all eligible citizens ends within the next three months. With the country resuming its vaccine exports, it would be very crucial for the Center to both maintain the pace of vaccination in the country and meet the demand for stock from abroad. Because although the coverage of Dose 1 in India has increased significantly, the double vaccination group is still below 25%. This can be a worrying thing as new variations emerge.

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