As the crypto market focuses on the next recession, smart money increasingly seeks to hedge against a period of bearish market conditions. Invictus Capital can offer you a solution.

Therefore, now is the right time for crypto investors to consider new opportunities. Especially the ones that help them protect the incredible returns offered by the recent bull run.

Invictus C10 allows you to secure your crypto profit

Invictus Capital’s Crypto10 (C10) hedge fund offers exactly the kind of protection crypto investors are looking for. Invictus therefore has the answers to many investor concerns.

Adding an algorithmically determined cash allocation, or dynamic cash hedge, allows the fund to reallocate assets between interest bearing cash holdings in bear markets and put them back into cryptocurrency holdings when the prices go up.

Thus, this characteristic results in an index fund. And, therefore, with much less risk, making it a smart choice for long-term capital preservation.

In this way, the C10 fund offered investors unprecedented risk-adjusted returns in 2021; with an appreciation of 119% in the first quarter which has spread beyond 200% at the time of writing.

In fact, with the addition of the dynamic cash hedge feature, the fund has delivered a stable annualized return of 134.23% since inception.

Hence, it is quickly becoming the most popular choice among the Invictus crypto investment community. Especially with the combination of price performance and investment inflows to see the fund’s assets (NAV) reach $ 15.6 million; an increase of 323% in 2021 alone.

The C10 fund is a great opportunity for investors to generate long-term capital appreciation. This while being prepared for a possible market recession.

C10 performance compared to Bitcoin 2021 Q1

The net asset value (NAV) of the C10 token increased 119% in the first quarter of 2021 and is currently $ 8.17 at the time of writing.

As the chart shows, the C10 fund outperformed the most well-known crypto, Bitcoin (BTC), in the first quarter of 2021. And, interestingly, it did with much lower volatility. This highlights the advantage of an index fund, such as C10, and its ability to outperform the crypto market through exposure to a wider coverage of the altcoin market.

Additionally, performance is generated on the fund’s crypto assets through lending and participating strategies. This saves time for any crypto investor who wants to maximize the returns available on a diversified portfolio of crypto assets.

C10 gives you the crypto help you need

While downtrends are inevitable in the crypto environment, C10 addresses them through the aforementioned cash hedging mechanism. Which turned out to conserve capital for the long haul.

In fact, this approach proved effective during the stock market crash of March 2020; when the market lost 40% of its value on what was called Black Thursday. C10 has effectively sailed for this by turning 90% of its assets into cash. And, bit by bit, he slowly reduced his crypto position after avoiding the deep recession.

This demonstrates the inherent risk protection of C10 and its general preference for crypto investors who tend to be medium to long term investors rather than short term speculators.

Crypto assets are certainly one of the fastest growing asset classes. And so, they have the potential to generate significant returns for investors looking to build on long-term crypto positions.

Thus, the exposure of the C10 fund to the 10 main crypto assets, combined with the dynamic strategy of cash hedging and the generation of additional returns, offers investors a less risky instrument to navigate the volatile market while capitalizing on an appreciation. stable currency. long-term capital.

Given the history of C10, the hedging algorithm is definitely equipping investors in this unpredictable market. Visit the Invictus Investor Portal here.

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