Let’s say you really believe it’s your business if you don’t want to get the vaccine, and you think most kids will be able to survive a case of covid-19.

You think the vaccine needs to be proven over a longer period of time, and you wonder if some of those wild side effects you’ve heard about might have any validity. You are not going to get the vaccine unless you have a good reason. The CDC and millions of people vaccinated are not good enough.

I’ll give you the best reason rude money-loving Americans can have: If you don’t get the shot and Covid-19 gets totally out of control again, you’re going to screw up the economy.

Do you want to risk not only an increase in virus cases, but a real possibility that the virus will sink the economy into another recession or worse?

If we don’t get the virus under control, your employer could be in danger, your stocks could go down, and you could ultimately lose your job, along with all of your benefits and retirement funds. Bankrupt businesses cannot offer vacations, health insurance and retirement benefits. These are facts.

Are you willing to risk all of this because you have a wacky idea that is not supported by any scientific evidence that taking the vaccine could harm you?

If you keep refusing to get the vaccine, it is clear that you don’t care about the millions of children who are not yet approved for the vaccine. You could be partly responsible for the deaths of thousands of children, and sooner or later you will most likely contract the virus. (This comment is from an infectious disease physician.)

Think about it for a minute and think about what will happen if the virus attacks your lungs and you spend days on a ventilator before you suffer a horrific death. Or if you are able to recover and the doctor examines your x-rays and tells you that you cannot return to work until your damaged lungs may never improve and they may never be strong enough to allow you to live a productive life again. .

Have you ever heard unvaccinated men and women on a ventilator ask for the vaccine? It’s too late for them. You still have time.

Getting vaccinated is like everything else in life. There are risks and rewards. If you are wondering if being vaccinated poses a threat to your health in any way and you think Mike Lindell, the founder and face of MyPillow, and Senator Rand Paul might be right, I suggest you to visit some health establishments. to see the risks involved in not being vaccinated.

Take an on-site look at a local emergency room and intensive care unit. Then ask a health care provider: How many people hospitalized there are vaccinated? When this provider tells you that almost everyone in the intensive care unit is not vaccinated, that should be enough proof that anyone can get vaccinated.

It’s not as if this idea of ​​getting vaccinated to prevent someone from contracting a disease is new. Vaccines of all kinds have been with us for several generations. Children can’t go to public schools without a series of vaccinations, and when Vertis and I went to Africa, we had more vaccinations than I can count; one afternoon we had three at a time, including one for cholera. It was just an incident during the day, and we never thought about it.

Over the past century, the advent of vaccines has been one of the major achievements of medical research, and millions of lives have been saved. I am ready for the covid-19 booster, and I may also get a shingles booster.

The number of vaccines for the prevention of various diseases has steadily increased over the years, which is directly related to the increase in our life expectancy. Recently, life expectancy has declined due to covid-19. If you don’t get the shot, you have a good chance of being part of the plunge.

Are you going to end your life for being so stupid that you let politics stop you from getting the shot? Hell yes, getting vaccinated is political! Look at the number of unvaccinated Republicans and Democrats, the clumsy governors who ban the use of masks and the group during the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill. How many have you seen wearing a mask?

By not wearing a mask or getting vaccinated, are you saying you’d rather die than be mistaken for a Democrat? If you can give me a reason why far more Republicans refuse to get vaccinated than Democrats, I’d love to hear it.

We are at a crossroads in the fight against the virus, and the bifurcation is obvious. One direction will get us into confusion until we achieve collective immunity, and hundreds of thousands more Americans will die, including a growing number of children.

The other way will require that we take steps to ensure that 90 percent of the public qualified to receive vaccines do so. The way to reach that virus killer number is to require a vaccination passport, and that covid-19 passport is no different than the doctor’s note every public school child must have before they can go to school. school.

We must demand that. Until every grocery store, gas station, and movie theater demands it, we won’t get rid of the virus.

Americans have always risen to the challenge, and I think we will today. Louisiana State University is leading the way by requiring proof of vaccination to enter the football stadium. I hate to say it, but we have to follow LSU’s lead.

Most of New York City is heading in that direction, and when Walmart requires shoppers to produce proof of vaccination to enter a store, we’ll know the virus is on the way out.

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