RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – Over the past few weeks, shoppers may have noticed empty shelves or grocery stores limiting the quantity of an item they can purchase.

As customers shopped at a Food Lion in Richmond on Tuesday, a sign was posted near the meat department limiting customers to just two poultry items due to production issues with its supplier.

It’s an inconvenience, says one shopper, that forced her to drive across town to Farm Fresh on East Main Street.

“It’s actually been a really good experience here at Farm Fresh because unlike most stores, they’re pretty well stocked with meats and stuff,” the shopper said. “Your big stores like Food Lion, Walmart, either they’re out or they’re really down.”

NBC12 has contacted Food Lion about the matter and has yet to hear back, but the channel is certainly not alone.

Kroger and Publix say the food supply chain is currently under pressure.

Omicron is causing widespread work stoppages among distribution workers, and the shortage of truck drivers is not helping.

A Publix spokesperson issued a statement on the matter, saying:

“It’s sort of hitting one category at a time, but overall we’re happy with the performance of our warehouse,” said Raphael Strumlauf, owner of Farm Fresh. “We’re lucky they’re located right next to Mechanicsville – about 15 minutes from here – and they did a really good job of keeping us supplied.”

Strumlauf says they’ve been lucky to keep their shelves stocked by working with their supplier. He says when items fly off the shelves, it’s random and no specific item is continually out of stock.

“I never thought that I would go into the store and one day see that there is a lack of meat, a lack of bread, a lack of milk, the essentials that people usually buy, cereal, yeah it amazes me a little bit everything, ”said the customer.

A Kroger spokesperson said that while they are aware that some items may be out of stock, employees are working around the clock.

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