A health worker takes a swab sample from a passenger for a COVID-19 test at a train station in Mumbai. (photo PTI)

Coronavirus Statistics in India, Covid-19 Cases and Deaths in India on July 12, Third Wave Updates, Coronavirus Vaccination Highlights: The “Sunday syndrome” in India continues. On July 11, according to data available on the CoWin portal, only 12 lakh doses of vaccine were administered on Sunday. India has seen a sharp drop in Covid jabs, particularly on Sunday, and yesterday was no different. What was different is that the drop is a bit steep even if we can rely on all the figures for Sunday. Meanwhile, India’s financial capital Mumbai will see the restart of the vaccination campaign after the shutdown over the weekend. FE Online previously reported how the vaccine shortage hit the capital of Maharashtra.

Elsewhere, while the English fans are heartbroken because “it did not come home”! The Euro 2020 final saw Italy win the trophy. However, health experts and other authorities across Europe fear further outbreaks of Covid-19 infections due to the tournament. The WHO has already warned Europe to prepare for a new wave of infections.

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