Technology occupations across the economy increased by 1,000 positions.1 Positive gains have occurred in five of the past six months.

Job postings from employers for tech occupations approached nearly 388,000 last month, an increase of more than 50,000 from January.2 Job posting volumes over the past three months have exceeded one million.

“The record level of employer job postings for the month and a pause in real new tech hiring are a clear sign of the ongoing labor supply problem,” said Tim Herbert, director of research at CompTIA. “Employers want to hire more tech workers, but can only do so when there are workers to hire.”

Openings for software developers and engineers are the most in demand, according to the latest job posting data analyzed by CompTIA. Employers are also looking in large numbers for IT support specialists, IT project managers, network engineers and architects, and systems engineers and architects. Vacancies in emerging technologies or roles requiring some level of emerging technology skills are cited in 32% of all basic IT job postings.

Tech job opportunities span the country, from new York (20,342 job offers) and Boston (10,448) to Los Angeles (17,879) and Seattle (10,850). the Los Angeles, dallas, San Francisco and San Jose metropolitan markets each saw the number of tech job openings increase by more than 2,300 from January to February. markets such as Wooded (71% increase), Saint Louis (53%), Colorado Springs (45%) and Kansas City (42%) also saw significant month-over-month jumps in the number of job postings for tech workers.

Among industries, professional, scientific and technical services (60,263), finance and insurance (54,736) and manufacturing (42,198) listed the most tech job openings.

In the technology sector, hiring in February was led by the categories of IT services and custom software development (+4,500) and computer and electronic product manufacturing (+3,100). These gains were offset by staff reductions in telecommunications (-1,500) and data processing, hosting and related services (-1,000). Hiring in the other information services category, including search engines, remained essentially flat (+200).

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