– Golden State’s latest round of stimulus checks have now been distributed

– IRS tax filing season is about to begin January 24: everything you need to know about Government aid and tax declarations 2021

– Congress may include covid-19 stimulation funding in the government spending bill

– Head of the IRS chuck rettig on the 2022 tax season: “The pandemic continues to create challenges”

– WE the unemployment rate has fallen at 3.9% in December, the lowest rate since the start of the pandemic

– Medium Social security benefit will be increase about $92 this year, thanks to the increase in COLA 2022

– Failure to pass the Build Back Better Bill means there will be no Child tax credit direct payment this month

– Up to $8,000 in stimulus payments may be claimed by some households this year

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Child tax credit

– Is the Child tax credit yet to be extended after the Senate failed to approve the Build Back Better bill last month?

— Senator Manchin has his say on President Biden’s future Building back better proposals?

Stimulus checks

– The report confirms that the boston bomber received a stimulus check

– How many stimulus checks have been approved in the last 12 months?

Social Security

Social Security beneficiaries are in line for a COLA increase, but could they also get a additional $200this month?

– What does the 5.9% increase in COLA does it mean for Social Security recipients?

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