This year has been a royal cluster of chaotic astro weather, which has clearly been pictured in, uh, * wave your hands *. But the last Big Bad transit of 2020 is coming to an end! Mars, the planet of ego, action and libido, has been retrograde in Aries since September 9, but on November 13, the retrograde is officially over!

While Mars retrograde, you are less energetic, you are less motivated and your libido is low. If you’ve started any new jobs, projects, or relationships during this time, they probably got off to a rough start (or just failed). But now that the demotion is over, all of these woes will soon be a thing of the past!

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Make no mistake: Mars Retrograde is not a time when you become a total flop for no reason. This is a time when you are invited to press “pause” and rethink your approach to everything that governs Mars (energy, libido, ego, etc.). If you had anger management issues during the demotion, now you are learning to channel this energy productively. Maybe you define really lofty goals and you are exhausted trying to achieve them, and now you are in a position to make a plan that will actually work. If you just haven’t been ~ in the mood ~, now you can quit, consider Why you don’t feel that spark and try to fix it, like trying something new in bed or even accepting that it’s time to end things.

Mars is a total firecracker of a planet, and this retrograde was meant to teach you that a little math and mindfulness goes a long way. long manner. The world doesn’t magically come back to where things were, but with this little transit away, life is back to normal, manner Easier.

Read your post-retrograde horoscope for your Sun / Rising sign:


Mars was retrograde in your sign, so you’ve arguably had the worst of the worst of this transit, especially because Mars is your ruling planet. You are Great stubborn, and you had to learn that you have to compromise instead of insisting on your own way all the time. Mars is the warrior planet, and when it’s in your sign you feel strong and ready for action, but which warrior fights alone? Now you know you can be a fighter or just a boss bitch fucked up without being inconsiderate towards others.


This retrograde has been a real ordeal for you: it has taken all the projects, works and relationships that you have initiated over the past two years and brought them back for review. You celebrated the victories and accepted the defeats, and now is your chance to take what’s left – the projects you gave up, the jobs you left unfinished, and the relationships that ended badly – and decide what. make it. Who and what from your past are worth keeping? How to reintegrate them into your life? It is not time to act but time to reflect, reflect and plan. So when Mars enters your sign in January, you can make a fresh start.


The internal struggles with your team reached a breaking point during Mars Retrograde, and you are now in a position to pick up the pieces and decide who is worth keeping. you had just enough controlling and manipulative friends – or, alternatively, argumentative friends and herbal brewers. They’re heading for the door as soon as you tell them to hit the road, Gemini, so go for it! You deserve to be surrounded by people who support you as much as you do them.


This Retrograde has been a huge lesson in assertiveness for you, especially in your professional life. You really have, really want that big promotion or raise, but fear of failure (or fear of acknowledgement) has held you back. Keep working hard and killing on the job because your superiors are 110% watching your progress – all you have to do is start this conversation with them and you can do some real magic.


Life has stagnated lately, and now it’s time to ask yourself, Why did I feel so stuck? Go on an adventure. It can mean a real (safe !!! local !!!) vacation to “find yourself”, or it can mean exploring new job opportunities, trying something new in your love / sex life, going back to school, or just finding a new hobby. Find something or someone that turns you on and makes you feel alive.


You are finally settling all the financial dramas of the past two months. The debts you owe others and others owe you are settled once and for all (and I hope your bank account doesn’t hurt. too much a lot). On an entirely different note, your sex life is also improving – you find it hard to feel aroused or satisfied, but by introducing new ways to have fun or a new partner, you find that lost spark. With your finances and sex life so dependent on other people (like your student lender and SO), you felt a bit helpless during the demotion. But now you feel a stronger sense of empowerment and things are getting better!


This Retrograde Mars has highlighted all kinds of inequalities in your relationships, and since you’ve been the a sign of balance, it was very, very hard. You had to solve all the problems with your best friend or your guy (even if it was beef from 5 years ago), solve them and find a solution. Now, it’s time to relax and find some balance in your relationship. Anybody has time for crappy relationships (platonic, romantic, or whatever), and that post-retrograde moment is a time when those connections are either fixed or ended for good.


This retrograde has been centralized around your health / wellness, prompting you to take a look at how well you take care of yourself and your daily routine. Whether you’re snacking on junk food every day, staying awake until 3 a.m., or drinking so badly that you have a hangover, your bad health habits have probably caught up with you. Now is the time to be honest with yourself, examine your behavior, and make a plan to change your routine. Departure healthy habits are tough, but the daily health / wellness routine you start now will help you feel good (physically and mentally) for a long, long time.


While this retrograde was (arguably) easier on your sign than most zodiac signs, it was still wild! You felt stuck, tired and unmotivated. This is because the people / things that used to bring joy in your life just aren’t compatible with who you are now, and you need more variety in your life. You are a flexible and adaptable mutable sign, then change doesn’t really scare you. In fact, you welcome new experiences with open arms. It doesn’t matter if you find a new partner, new friends, a new job or a new personal hobby, just know that the theme of your life is the right one. now is “new love”.


It’s been chaos at home for a few months now, thanks to Mars Retrograde. Some of them have been totally out of your control – broken devices, technical issues, that sort of thing – and some are actually in your control, such as disagreements, arguments or passive aggression with your family or roommates. Now that the retrograde is over you know exactly what causes these problems, and you can use the energy of Mars for your own Extreme makeover: house edition. Be upfront and tell your roommates / parents / whoever that there is a problem that you want to find a solution to. Channel your energy to find a compromise. This way the drama can finally end and you will feel safe, happy and safe at home.


Your aggressive Martian side has come out manner too much in your communication, and that retrograde past has really made you look at the hows / whys behind your inability to connect with others. You are opinionated and make no apologies at all for who you are and what you believe, but when you refuse to listen to different ways of thinking all you do is tear your relationships apart. You have learned the importance of listen during this retrograde. Now that Mars is direct you are accepting different ways of thinking and not every conversation you have is explode into one more argument.


After a few months of financial drama, you finally now realize that being reckless with your money maybe is not the best shot! If you’ve been unsuccessful in budgeting or adopting healthier spending habits, now is the time to find a way to manage your money! It could mean asking someone else for help with budgeting, or it could mean just being a little hard on yourself and saying, “No, you don’t really need a fifth pair of pants. tie-dye tracksuit. Foodie days are great for short-term fun, but not for long-term financial security. Re-prioritize where you spend your $$.

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