Max Verstappen played a central role in the development of the latest Aston Martin Valkyrie, the car that sparked a huge lawsuit.

Aston Martin’s problems are not improving any time soon. The British luxury car brand is already going through a massive financial crisis. And now it’s in the midst of a massive lawsuit that has been triggered due to Aston Martin’s new hypercar – Valkyrie.

According to the Financial Times, Aston Martin turned to Project Nebula for help, a wealthy Swiss dealer selling Aston Martin cars.

The agreement between the two parties would have promised royalties for Valkyrie, Valhalla and the third car in Nebula for the massive financing. But now the concession company alleges that it has not received its share for its contributions.

Meanwhile, Aston Martin alleges Nebula Project withheld customer deposits worth $21 million. Thus, trying to take away the credibility of the prosecuting party.

The 3% royalty rate was equivalent to a wealth of $172 million. But they did not receive the sum. However, the luxury car brand has started delivering this car to patient customers, including F1 star Max Verstappen, who was supposed to add this car to his garage this year.

“Aston Martin is working with our affected customers to ensure they receive delivery of their vehicles. We are confident in our legal position and believe their counterclaims are retaliatory and without merit,” said Executive Chairman Lawrence Stroll. .

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How Max Verstappen played an important role in Valkyrie

Aston Martin has long had an association with Red Bull. Until they decide to move on. Long before the car was released, Verstappen tested this car and gave critical feedback.

Verstappen isn’t the only one from Red Bull to be part of the Valkyries project. Adrian Newey was also involved in training the car and helping them with his F1 knowledge.

With the car almost there, Verstappen would certainly have received in the first round of distribution. According to reports, there are only 150 units of this car on the road.

However, Aston Martin thought of selling it by the thousands. The current scenario of the British brand has been hectic and has slowed or stopped the process.

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