Let’s take a well deserved break from the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​and take a moment to appreciate what MINI does. Some buyers in the United States might be lucky enough to receive a special gift from the company, as the BMW-owned automaker sends puzzles to customers on the waiting list. They’re apparently ‘life-size’ puzzles, meaning they’re about as big as an actual MINI.

They came up with five different puzzles, all of which have fun names: WE’RE WORKING HARD TO GET YOU YOUR CAR, WAITING IS THE WORST, MEANWHILE-HAPPY -PUZZLING, MINI PUZZLE”, or “NOT SO MINI”. variety of models and we’re told other future owners will be getting a full-sized puzzle to make the wait easier.

It’s more than just a marketing stunt as MINI wants to reimburse customers who have been patiently waiting to take delivery of their new cars in light of supply constraints that have caused major delays. The company says it is also benefiting from strong demand for its products, which also impacts the time it takes to fulfill an order.

Another problem with ordering a MINI these days stems from the lack of a manual gearbox as production of three-pedal vehicles was discontinued in May. The Oxford-based brand hasn’t been clear on whether it’s about when or if the 6MT will return. Some of you will recall that the 2020MY lacked manual transmissions, but the DIY box returned for 2021MY in response to enthusiasts demanding a clutch pedal.

Meanwhile, MINI is putting the finishing touches on the next-generation Cooper SE and the all-new Countryman. The crossover will finally get a purely electric version paired with the BMW iX1 and is set to debut later this year, but not before a new zero-emissions crossover concept slated for a premiere in late July.

Source: MINI