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Marketdata LLC, one of the leading independent publishers of market research of “off-the-shelf” service industry studies since 1979, has released a new 65-page report titled: US Nail Salons: An Industry Analysis.

The US nail salon industry, populated by nearly 28,000 small businesses, had experienced strong growth through 2019, reaching a value of $ 8 billion (actually $ 17.3 billion if you count non-retail sole proprietor nail technicians). That growth came to a halt with the 2020 pandemic, which closed many salons for months. However, the industry is recovering as more Americans are vaccinated and stores reopen.

This new report is a comprehensive business analysis covering the nature and operations of the Nail Salon business, services provided, key operating ratios / metrics, dollar size, and industry growth from 2007 to 2025 Forecasts, economic structure of the company (ratios: national, by state, by major city), franchise analysis (profiles of the top 10 franchisors), etc.

The effects of the pandemic are discussed, along with the outlook for recovery in 2021 and a long-term forecast through 2025. The report also analyzes the average annual revenue per nail salon (for franchisees and non-franchisees), profitability (income statement industry), and how Asian immigrants built the industry in the 1970s, and the discrimination they faced. The report includes a directory of reports from industry, trade associations and magazines.

According to Research Director John LaRosa: “The COVID-19 pandemic closed many nail salons across the country last year and revenues have plummeted. The strong growth of 2014-2019 has been halted. However, as customers began to get vaccinated, salons reopened and demand is still high from American women, who view nail care as an affordable luxury. ”

Main topics covered:

Nature of industry

  • Definition and number of nail salons and nail technicians, mobile salons, full service salons, states with the highest number. of nail salon employees

  • Major Industry Trends and Issues: An Industry Built by Immigrants, Discrimination Against Asian Owners / Workers, New York Market Snapshot

  • Key Industry Stats: Amount Spent on Nail Care, Customer Demographics, Nail Technology Training, Hours of Work, Avg. wages, prices, etc.

  • Effects of the pandemic on the industry: closures, cost of protective equipment, modification of operations, home visits, reduced capacity, reduced income, main concerns for owners.

Market size, growth, forecast

  • Industry size / number estimates. nail salons by US Census Bureau vs. Nails Magazine, other sources, why some estimates don’t make sense

  • Discussion and analysis of historical growth trends, during the last recession, recovery since then, current situation, rationale

  • Discussion of the main factors affecting the growth of the industry

  • Performance 2020: Effects of the Pandemic: Analysis and Discussion, BLS Payroll Data

  • Industry Outlook 2021: Recovery Outlook: Analysis and Discussion, Recent BLS Payroll Data

  • Industry Forecast 2025: Long-Term Outlook: Analysis and Discussion, Demand Drivers

Economic structure of the industry and operating parameters

  • Summary of major industry metrics, NAICS code for industry, discussion of establishments with employers and non-employers, number and avg. nail technicians salary

  • Number of nail salon establishments, by job size: 2017 and 2012

  • Industry Snapshot: 2007, 2012, 2017: No. companies, establishments, revenue, employees

  • Labor costs and productivity, sales / salary ratio

  • Avg. recipes by nail salon: 2017, 2019

  • Avg. recipes, approx. payroll, avg. no employees: 2007, 2012, 201

Industry ratios (number of companies, establishments, revenue, payroll as a% of revenue for 2017 and 2012) by:

  • Legal form of organization – companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships: no. employees).

  • Single-unit or multiple-unit businesses, depending on size

  • Concentration ratios: ratios for the 4, 8, 20, 50 largest companies

  • Size of facility revenues (less than $ 100,000 to $ 5 million)

  • Number of nail salons, receipts and avg. revenue by establishment, alpha by state: 2019

  • Geographic analysis

  • Top 7 states, by no. nail salons

  • Top 6 states, by revenue

  • Number of nail salons, receipts and avg. revenue by establishment, by state, ranked by number – 2019 (County Business Patterns, Marketdata estimates)

  • Number of nail salons, receipts and avg. revenue by establishment, by major city: 2017.

  • Data on nail technicians

Nail salon franchise

  • (Headquarters address, number of franchises, purchase costs, financial data when available)

  • Summary – discussion of the benefits of franchising, example of Frenchie’s franchisee income in 2018

Companies mentioned

  • Bellacures

  • Camille Albane

  • Davi Nails

  • Frenchie

  • Hammer & Nails Grooming

  • Miniluxury

  • Nail garden

  • Namaste Nail Sanctuary

  • PROSE nail salons

  • Royal nails

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