Professor Allen Cheng, deputy director of health in Victoria, said vaccine suppliers are depleting a “small stock” of Pfizer vaccines amid an increase in vaccinations across the state. The latest coronavirus outbreak in Victoria saw demand for the vaccine increase, with the Department of Health confirming that 23,921 doses were given in the past 24 hours. “There is a constraint on Pfizer vaccines in Victoria, if we had more we would give more,” Professor Cheng told reporters. “We are still vaccinating at the moment. In terms of forward bookings, there is a shortage, but I’m not sure when this offer will be available. “There is a small stock and we are using… there has clearly been an increase in demand for vaccines and there is not the supply to be able to meet it.” Professor Cheng also confirmed that the Pfizer vaccine is distributed to people over the age of 50, adding that it is convenient to do so in remote communities. “There are always times when Pfizer, for practical reasons, is given to people over 50,” he continued. “The simplest example is probably that in a remote community you don’t want to come in with two different vaccines or make mistakes. “In these situations, it is certainly appropriate that a vaccine be used for the whole population in such areas.”